About Us

Group of pet lovers dedicated for the welfare of animals

Dodo Nepal

Dodo Nepal was established in 2020 by a dedicated group of pet lovers and enthusiast wanting to do something for the helpless.We have been conducting regular sessions for the welfare of the animals who have no home,food,medical aids or companionship that they need.

We believe that one must help the helpless.We conduct regular donation programs,medical aid supplies and food supplies to the stray animals like dogs,cows and cats.Plus,we conduct monthly donation from all the students and colleagues where are are involved all for a good cause.

Dodo Nepal's Objective

  • To promote kindness towards animals and to prevent or suppress cruelty to them. The Society’s work extends to caring for animals in all circumstances in Nepal
  • To lobby for and enforce specific laws and public order in Nepal relating to animal welfare
  • To establish and run animal hospitals, re-homing centres and mobile clinics for stray animals in Nepal
  • To suggest to the Nepal Government that it makes specific courses for the study of animal rights and welfare in all schools and colleges
  • To support and gather together those who may take a proactive role in Animal Rights and welfare activities in Nepal
  • To assist in the overall development of the country by encouraging adoption of the improved and modern technology in animal husbandry and veterinary science
  • To assist to promote sound environmental practices for the betterment of wild and domestic animals
  • To establish and maintain liaison with various local non-governmental and International Non-governmental Organizations and individuals and obtain technical, financial and material support etc. from them
  • To educate and create awareness among people through various means to prevent inhumane treatment of animals both before and during slaughter for meat
  • Improving and saving animals’ lives through promoting awareness on animal welfare among public and authorities
  • Introducing ABC (Animal Birth Control) program in every part of the country to control animals population

Our Mission


We provide regular health check ups for the helpless animals on the roads.Also we conduct free rabies vaccination services.

Lost and Found

We provide assistance to the pet owner finding their loved lost ones.We have been able to find many lost pets via this process.All thanks to our active members.

Stray Animals Feeding

Every week,we conduct stray animals feeding program where we search for them and feed them personally.We make sure they are well fed for the rest of the week via our volunteers.


Via our social media networking,there is always a pet who is available for adoption.We believe that every breed of pet is same and one must never distinguish one breed among another.


Dodo Nepal was founded by Sanjana Bhattarai with the help of our well focused and active team members.

A team is never formed by single effort and dedication.So,we want to thank all of team members,volunteer and supporters for helping us out.

Sanjana Bhattarai

Founder, Dodo Nepal

Join our Group for a cause

We can together join hands on hands using our might and mind for welfare of animals