A stray dog Rescued from Cancer

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The Story of Our First Rescue

How me managed to find a dog suffering from ovarian cancer and how we healed her.

Just a normal day in Butwal,we were returning from college when we got a call that a stray dog was crying and howling continuously.We went to the location with total three members.One of our colleague knew a veterinarian doctor whom he called and we decided to transport the dog there.  


Dodo before recieving love


Dodo after receiving love

Transportation itself wasn’t easy as we didn’t have any vehicle and managing a vehicle all of a sudden was not in our reach.Somehow,we took her to the hospital.Then doctor told us that she was suffering from ovary cancer. Good news was,it was beginning stage and could be healed perfectly. We didn’t do any delay in helping her out and urgently conducted the operation.After 1 hour long operation,we got to know that the tumor has been removed and she will recover gradually.Just after some days of her recovery,we got a query for dog adoption and we suggested the adopter to adopt her.After knowing her story,the owner was so happy that he could provide the dog with full love and support.That’s when he thought of naming her “Jimmy” and since then  she is very much connected to us.

Journey of a cancerous dog to full recovery.

Update: 7/26/2020

Jimmy has been adopted and it is a great news for all members from Dodo Nepal and also for all helping hands.Jimmy will be able to get a good shelter,good food and a loving family to care of her.

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